12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Nutritious and Delicious Avocado.


Lets show some love to Avocado’s, not only are they not a vegetable but also more potassium rich than a banana…If this intrigues you even a little bit then I implore you to drive a little deeper into the world of avocado’s… Who knows, you might even find your new favorite fruit.

If these ten facts do not leave you will a brighter view on our little green friend then they will surely leave you with a hunger for the healthier side of life.

1. To Begin with Avocado’s Are Not Only a Fruit But a Berry.

To Begin with Avocado’s Are Not Only a Fruit But a Berry

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We might consider the avocado to be a vegetable due to its dark green colour and almost savory taste, however we couldn’t be more wrong. The avocado is actually a single seed berry. Not only is it a berry but it is also considered a fleshy fruit as opposed to a dry fruit. Even though the avocado has a strong hard seed in the middle, it is considered a berry rather than a drupe which has tough pits.

A fruit is considered as ”the matured ovary of a flower”. A fruit consists of 3 layers, the tough outer layer which is either the skin or rind, a more inner middle layer which is seen to be more fleshy and what the majority of us eat, and lastly a seed or cluster of seeds.