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Hilarious Ways To Use Up Your Toilet Paper Stock


Are you perhaps one of those few million people who somehow believed that keeping a huge stock of toilet paper is a must during the hard days of the coronavirus crisis? Well, don’t feel ashamed, we have plenty of brilliant ideas for you to use up your stock in a way everyone around you will be nothing but jealous of your incredible creativity. You can be sure that each member of the family will find an irresistible tip for themselves.

1. But First, Close the Curtains


Since we all got stuck at home, we might want to keep the neighbors’ curious eyes out of the house. The solution has never been easier. Grab a few full rolls of your toilet paper stock, and simply hang them on the curtain rail. Don’t forget to fix them to avoid them rolling over. Open the window on a mild Spring morning, and enjoy the spectacular sight of the flying paper rolls. You’ll need a good dose of fresh air to survive these days, anyway.