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25 Genius Gardening Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Know


Nothing beats a beautiful garden in one’s backyard and well if you love gardening then you will surely appreciate some tips to achieve that.  The following techniques on landscaping will surely have your garden thriving and your equipment safe.

The Plant-in-a-Pot Method For Landscaping

Image Source: tutoringyou.org

This tip allows you to keep your garden organized. It is a simple one that only requires you to collect different pots similar in size so that one pot can nest in another one. Put your plants inside the pots which are doubled and then you’ll be ready to have them buried in the ground. Once they are matured and you feel like reorganizing or changing them lift the pot that’s on top and place a different one inside the remaining one. With this method, you can experiment with different types of plants. You will have fun trying out different color placements too during different seasons. In case you need to bring your plants inside during colder times the plant-in-a-pot design allows you to do so with ease. That way your plants remain healthy and protected from adverse weather conditions.

Use Of Old Cans to Save Soil

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In case what you need to have your plants growing healthy is good drainage then using old cans will surely help. Cans, as well as plant pots, are known to improve aeration and the quality of soil in this method. To achieve place them deep in the soil when you start the planting process.