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15 Popular Films With Huge Flaws That People Are Just Now Noticing


Non-fiction films give us an impossible insight into some of the most dramatic moments in history. As viewers, we get to see what went down when important decisions were made that potentially shaped the way our world is today. We also get to understand what our ancestors had to struggle with, and what for.

But ask any expert about the historical accuracy of certain “based on a true story” films and you might just get laughed right out of the museum. You see, filmmakers need to tell a compelling story while sticking to the truth as much as possible. This can be a challenge seeing as how some details, though real, may seem so ludicrous or outright boring that they don’t make the final cut.

Take, for instance, these 15 critically acclaimed films with some rather noticeable flaws!

1. Braveheart

Source: cinemadslr.ru

Braveheart’s William Wallace (Mel Gibson) became an inspiration to the entire world to hate the English. It’s a great movie which has received a ton of awards. However, it was far from accurate; one of the biggest mistakes was the depiction of Scotsmen wearing kilts. In the 1300s, they wore things called leine croiches which were a piece of clothing dyed in horse piss. We’re sure they still could’ve mooned the English while sporting yellow tunics dripping with urine.

But perhaps the largest historical inaccuracy is the film’s title. William Wallace was not Braveheart. The nickname was given to him after he had his heart carried to the Church of Holy Sepulchre all the way in Jerusalem. The nickname had more to do with a literal heart than anything else.