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15 Popular Films With Huge Flaws That People Are Just Now Noticing


2. Titanic


Titanic didn’t launch Leonardo DiCaprio to fame, but it did cement a place for him in Hollywood. It’s a shame that the movie, despite the mountains of historical data available about what truly happened on the Titanic during its final moments, doesn’t stick to historical facts.

In the movie, third-class passengers were locked below the decks and out of view. In truth, nobody was under the decks, and nobody was discriminated against when all hell broke loose.

While we’re on the topic of third-class passengers, there’s absolutely no way Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) could’ve made it to the top deck to mingle with the wealthy. Similar to riding a plane in today’s time, those in economy aren’t allowed to just barge into first-class. That separating curtain actually means something.