12 Tricks You Should Know About Pokémon Go


9. Evolve Duplicates For XP.

Evolve Duplicates For XP.

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It doesn’t take players long to get sick of seeing the same Pokémon over and over again. If you catch every duplicate you see, then you will eventually have a huge stockpile of creatures like Pidgey and Rattata. It may be tempting to start skipping these Pokémon when you see them, but they are still very valuable to you: in addition to the 100 experient points you’ll get for capturing each one, you can evolve any Pokémon for an additional 500 experience points. This is a great way to build experience points, and all it costs is the “candy” for each Pokémon (which you will have in abundance from capturing so many of the same ones). It adds up quickly: for instance, it only takes 12 Pidgey candy to evolve him for 500 experience points, and you receive three candy every time you capture one. So, every four Pidgeys captured allows you solid experience points. You can boost this even more by using a Lucky Egg, which doubles your experience points for thirty minutes. Deliberately stockpile candy and surplus Pokémon in order to receive a whopping 1000 experient points per evolution during this time.

10. Use Razzberries to Make Pokémon Easier to Catch

Use Razzberries to Make Pokémon Easier to Catch

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In addition to using special balls when you receive them, another way to increase your odds of catching higher-level or rarer Pokémon is to use a Razzberry. You receive these items from Pokéstops and from leveling up, and you can select the items when confronting a Pokémon. Once you throw them a Razzberry, they become much easier to catch, but it’s still not a guarantee–the Pokémon may still run, and you still have to throw your ball with accuracy.

11. Turn off AR Mode.

Turn off AR Mode.

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For many people, half the fun of the game is taking pictures of the real-world locations where they find Pokémon. For the serious trainers, though, it’s much better to turn the AR mode off. When it is off, the Pokémon you fight will be in front of cartoon locations representing your area, such as grasslands. Why is this better? Now, the game will stabilize the Pokémon in the center of your screen. This is much easier than trying to move your phone around to line up a better shot–instead, you must simply master throwing your ball into the center of the screen each time. Also, turning the camera mode off makes this battery-intensive game use a little less of your cellphone’s power.

12. Nothing Tracks When the App Is Closed.

Nothing Tracks When the App Is Closed.

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The chief reason that this game is such a battery hog is that it must always be on to track anything. If you close the app, it will not track the steps you walk to hatch your eggs, nor will it alert you to any nearby Poekmon or Pokéstops. The best thing you can do to conserve your battery is to select the Battery Saver mode from the settings–this will turn your screen off when the phone is upside down, but the game will still track your steps and buzz to indicate nearby Pokémon.

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