12 Tricks You Should Know About Pokémon Go


5. Ring Sizes and Curveballs Are Important

Ring Sizes and Curveballs Are Important

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Instead of immediately throwing the Pokeball, you can wait to cause the capture ring around the Pokémon to shrink is size. You have your best chance of capturing the Pokémon when the ring is at its smallest. The color of the ring can also indicate difficulty, with green rings being easier and yellow rings being more difficult. The red ring indicates extreme difficulty, and this Pokémon will need to be captured with a Great or Master Ball which you will receive when leveling up. To get extra style points when capturing Pokémon, you can use your finger to shake the ball before throwing it. This causes it to become a curveball, which awards extra points upon capture of the Pokémon.

6. Taking Over a Gym Requires Multiple Victories


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Unlike the Pokémon show, you have to beat your Pokémon rivals several times to “win” and take over a gym. Beating the Pokémon that are left guarding a rival gym will lower its reputation points. After the gym’s Pokémon have been beaten three times, the gym becomes neutral; this allows you to station one of your own Pokémon there and take it over, which can award you Pokecoins the longer the gym remains yours. Don’t forget that you can heal Pokémon after each fight before stepping back in the ring!

7. Holding Gyms Gives You Free Stuff.

Holding Gyms Gives You Free Stuff.

Taking over a gym isn’t the only way to get free stuff. When at a friendly gym, you can station your own Pokémon there to help defend it. Whether you lead the gym or just help out, you will receive cool prizes daily. Click on the shield icon within the Shop menu to see the amount of coins and stardust you have been awarded. As you take over or provide back-up to more and more gyms, the amount of reward will rise, eventually capping at 100 coins and 5,000 stardust per day.

8. Eggs Only Incubate for Actual Walking

Eggs Only Incubate for Actual Walking

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When visting Pokéstops, you will occasionally get eggs. These eggs can be hatched by selecting them from the Pokémon menu and placing it inside an incubator. You receive one incubator with unlimited uses, and may receive others as awards (and still more can be purchased with real money from the Shop). Once inside the incubator, you must walk the amount of kilometers indicated by the egg to hatch it–these ranges include 2 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and 10 kilometers. Unfortunately, the game uses GPS to measure your progress towards hatcing the eggs. That means it is not enough to get on a treadmill or walking machine. Instead, you must actually walk around, though this does provide a fun excuse to exercise. With more eggs inside incubators, you can hatch more eggs with every step you take.