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Donald Trump Short Facts


Donald Trump became famous from bankruptcy to billionaire.

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He became famous from bankruptcy to billionaire. This is definitely one of the most special  and unique facts about Donald Trump that you probably don’t know about. In 1990, he was on the brink of personal and business bankruptcy. By 1994, he had paid back $900 million in personal debt and largely reduced his $3.5 billion in business debt. He had to sell his Trump Shuttle, but was able to keep his Trump Towers as well as 3 casinos in Atlantic City. Nowadays, he is the CEO of the Trump organization that owns more than 100 companies and his net worth is $2.6 billion.


Donald Trump always keeps one of Shaquille O'Neal’s shoes

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Donald Trump always keeps one of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes in his office.


Trump’s hair is real.

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Trump’s hair is real. He gets his haircuts from his wife Melania. Trump has many attention on  his hairstyle . Apparently, many people have asked him about his hair and what he does to it. He told Playboy that all he does is take a shower, wash his hair, read the newspaper while it dries, comb it and spray it. And according to what he said to Playboy, his wife gives him his haircuts.


Donald Trump: “You’re fired!”

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Trump once tried to trademark the phrase “You’re fired!” Trump had a TV show called The Apprentice in which the contestants take part in challenges in order to get a chance to work under American billionaires. Trump dismisses some of the contestants using the phrase “You’re fired!”, which he intended to use in his games and casinos. The game he released called “Trump, the Game” has a tag that says “I’m back and you’re fired!” he even filed a trademark application for the phrase.