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15 Identical Twins Separated at Birth


The relationship between siblings is often the most confusing yet absolutely heartwarming relationships. Siblings fight their way through childhood but yet are viciously protective of each other and always have each other’s backs. Even more fascinating is the bond between identical twins. It is mesmerizing that not only they look like mirror images, but they also have habits they are so much alike. It’s like they are two striking personalities of one single human being altogether. Let us look at the stories of 15 identical twins separated at birth.


In the year 2014, Siam, who was a striving restaurateur at the time, made a shocking discovery through her friend’s older sister. The sister informed Siam that she had come across someone on facebook who looked exactly like her. It sparked Siam’s curiosity and she added Fabienne on Facebook. Even though Fabienne ignored her request initially, they soon began speaking over messages. They discovered that they have way too much in common like interests and blood group to not be related. Siam suggested that they might be twins and when they finally met up, the encounter was teary-eyed and full of love.