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Celebrity Grandchildren Who Look Just Like Their Famous Grandparents


Ethan Peck —  Gregory Peck’s Grandson

Another Roman Holiday alum, Gregory Peck, is a legend in the acting industry. With the films To Kill a Mockingbird and Spellbound, he secured his status as one of the acting giants. And when he wasn’t acting, he used his time for charitable efforts, serving as chairman of the American Cancer Society. His grandson, Ethan Peck, was lucky enough to get his good looks, as well as his love for acting.

The younger Peck is also in showbusiness, with many recurring roles in TV shows, as well as the main role in the TV adaptation of a beloved rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You. He also played a young Spock in Star Trek: Discovery. You’ll be able to see him in that role again in the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New World.