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These 20 Jobs will Disappear in the Following 20 Years


The career choices available 20 years ago were a lot different to the career choices available today. And, they will be even more different in the next 10-20 years. As jobs evolved, so did technology.

If you asked someone in 1990 what a Cloud Architect or Chief Listening Officer did, nobody would be able to tell you because those jobs didn’t exist…yet. With the propulsion in software, computer, and robotics development, the necessity for some traditional jobs have started their decline and may disappear altogether, for eternity.

Everyone keeps telling us that an automation apocalypse is approaching so is it possible to accurately predict new careers that will be needed in the future? Or perhaps, it is easier to predict 20 jobs that probably won’t be around in 10-20 years.

1. Librarian


Anyone born before Google had to visit a library to research and a librarian assisted you with finding books according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. Would millennials know how books are classified? The use of libraries is decreasing while the use of robots in libraries is increasing.