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20 Incredibly Cool Features Hidden in Google Search!


Google has become such an ingrained part of our internet experience that the name of the company has become an adverb. When you need to find out a nifty piece of information or the phone number to a local restaurant, you Google it. When you want to research for your doctoral thesis, you head to Google’s search page. However, Google is SO much more than just a simple portal for surfing the web. The Google search page is actually a feature-rich experience that can be entertaining to dive into. Today, we are going to look at 20 of the coolest features hidden within the Google search page. Are you ready to revolutionize your Googling experience? Let’s dive in!

20. Play Retro Video Games.

Retro Games Google Browser

Gamers young and old have an appreciation for legendary titles from years past. Did you know that Google actually allows you to play a slew of classic games right from your browser? Type in ‘Atari┬áBreakout’ to the images search, ‘Pacman’, or ‘Zerg Rush’ into your search bar and press enter. Your page should be taken over by whatever game you typed in. Goodbye productivity!