TV buying guide: What to Look for when Buying a New Television


Are you purchasing a new television this year? What size screen? Are you considering the size of the room and how close you will be sitting to the screen? Read on.

This year many people will be buying large screen televisions. Some people like to out do the Jones’s. If they have a 50 inch television screen I will get a 60 inch screen. Use common sense when actually placing the new television in the room in which you will probably be spending most of your free time in.

Also, the placement of the television can be tricky. With the new television sets they can be placed on top of various pieces of furniture. It can be hung on the wall. This is when common sense comes in. Think of your poor neck. Many people can not angle their neck in upward positions. This can cause neck pain. Be cautious in how you place the television and what level is comfortable to you and your family.

A large screen television is fine if the room size is large. But when you overwhelm the room with the television and you are just a few feet from the screen STOP.

Think of your poor eyes. They are the ones which will take the brunt of this brutality. If suddenly your eyes start blurring or you have splitting headaches it might very well be caused from the television screen. Once your television is purchased it may be difficult or impossible to return the television for a smaller screen.

When you purchase your new television, please use common sense. If you can afford a monstrous television, you might not have the space for it.