Tori Roloff: First Child’s Incurable Diagnosis & More Saddening Family Troubles


Plunged into Motherhood

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For the first time ever, Tori Roloff had a baby to take care of. Of course, she was excited about her new role as a mother, but she was also quite nervous about changes her life would have with a baby. However, even as she soldiered on, nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

It’s in the Genes

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Like most people with the condition, Zach and Matthew Roloff had their fair share of obstacles in life. Zach had to undergo multiple surgeries while still a child. As for Matt, his diastrophic displasia required that he receive constant medical attention. Luckily, Amy’s achondroplasia wasn’t as much of a problem for her growing up. It truly is amazing seeing how the Rollofs manage to complete such challenging tasks around their farm.