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She Gave Birth to Septuplets in 1997, Now Look at the McCaughey Family 24 Years Later


Carrying a baby for 9 months can be one of the biggest struggles in a woman’s life. Twins is double the fuss. But what about conceiving 7 children at once? Sounds crazy, we know, but that’s exactly what Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey discovered they were going through in the mid-1990s.

The McCaughey couple had been trying to have another baby to accompany their daughter, Mikayla Marie, but instead they got life-altering news of septuplets on the way. Very rarely do multiple births yield a 100% survival rate, but Bobbi had beaten the odds more than once. Don’t miss the amazing story of Bobbi’s set of seven and how she managed to make it through on her own.

1. Unexpected to say the least

Source: agloogloo.com

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey of Iowa had been hoping to add a fourth member to their family when they met with their doctor for a routine checkup. During the ultrasound, their doctor discovered something that nobody expects to hear. The doctor didn’t find one embryo but seven! Of every 4.7 billion pregnancies, only one is has a chance of carrying septuplets, and Bobbi was that lucky person.