12 Electrifying Facts About Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla was a man of many talents, an electrical engineer, an inventor and probably one of the most astounding physicists in history. His ideas were often ridiculed and mocked but as we know today this man has proven himself right many times.
Would you like to know more? There is much controversy about Nikola Tesla due to many documents written by him being locked up and hidden from the public by various countries. Many have tried to rediscover what tesla did but none have yet to succeed. Let’s look at 2 facts which make you wonder at what kind of man Nikola really was.

1. 300 Patents

300 Patents

courtesy of: ture.hr

Tesla was an inventor by heart and never lost his passion to create new and improved ideas. This was clearly show by the fact that he registered more than 300 patents. He became famous for developing alternating current and a few other things like X-ray, lighting and radar.
Many people do not know of his advanced in fields which he deemed secretive and often a lot of funding and testing would go into each idea to deem if it was valid or not. That being said not everything he tried turned out well…