30+ Absolute Hilarious Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s…Probably The Worst of All Time

32. Beauty Blender

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A true beauty guru must be something like this guy. His hairstyle is exactly like a buffer brush. I am sure it has a delicate touch.

33. Donald Presley

33 Hilarious Hairstyles 12facts

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This gentleman is the perfect example for an American citizen in his natural habitat. A Trump voter and a true Elvis Presley fan at the same time.

34. No-Makeup ‘IT’

34 Hilarious Hairstyles 12facts

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Don’t you recognize him? Nothing special…he is just ‘IT’ from the famous American supernatural horror film. It’s a rare moment…when he is just without makeup. But if you look closely you can recognize his giant forehead. Is the shirt twisted on him by the way?!

35. Half Head

35 Hilarious Hairstyles 12facts

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He is a completely different person from the front and the back. It could be pretty difficult for his friends to find him in a bar. Maybe he was a knee for  a shave but only have time for half of your head.

36. Prehistoric Prisoner

36 Hilarious Hairstyles 12facts

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His hairdo looks like a half of a Brontosaurus. He might be a huge Jurassic Park fan. Let’s just not talk about his beard.


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