30+ Absolute Hilarious Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s…Probably The Worst of All Time

5. The Immediately Afro Mullet

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From  Billy Ray Cyrus to Mel Gibson, mullet has grown to a global phenomenon. There is no doubt, everybody wanted a headdress like this…immediately! Sometimes they had to resort to alternative solutions.

6. The Lawn Mower

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We all know how important to educate your child for homely. This little guy helps to handle the lawn mower at home for sure.

7.Two in One

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When you can not decide are you the teacher or the student today in the class. Your soul is still young inside but your other half wants to become an adult.

8. The Complex Personality

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You should be proud to have a complex personality. Look at him, he is an emo, skinhead and not least a punk at the same time, from left to the right. He has three times as much chance as you to get a girlfriend.