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15 Times Hollywood Totally Forgot To Patch Up Some Major Plot Holes


With over a quadrillion movies in existence, there’s bound to be a few that have mistakes in them. Whether it’s one of the actors wearing a Rolex watch in a movie based in ancient China, or a background extra throwing a dog into a river. But there are those movies, some of them critically acclaimed, that go beyond minor mistakes and leave huge plot holes in the final cut.

This article is about 15 movies with gaping plot holes that nobody in the movie though to question!

1. Hocus Pocus

Source: geektyrant.com

As most people already know, salt can ward off the darkest of creatures, including witches. Salt and the sun. Knowing these things, the group of children tasked to eliminate evil but dimwitted witches should have just gone to Billy’s grave, poured a circle of salt around it, and waited for the sun to rise. But this probably would’ve just led to 90 minutes of waiting around, making small talk, and cracking one-liners with the Sanderson sisters.