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15 Juicy ‘Pawn Stars’ Facts That Every TV Lover Must Know


There are times where you flip through the channels or go through the internet and see videos of Pawn Stars. Sometimes you tell yourself, “Oh, this seems interesting” then go on to “how much are they gonna take it for?”. Well, you have to admit that the show is pretty addicting. Everyone will get sucked into the amazing and funny world of the Harrison Family. Fans of the show just cannot get enough of Rick, Big Hoss, The Old Man, and Chumlee, and the hilarious bond between everyone doing their jobs right in front of the camera for a reality TV show.

It may seem odd, but not everything we observe that happens in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is actually the way it is in reality. Another odd thing is, whatever drama is going on behind the scenes should be its own reality spinoff.

Here we will cover the top 15 juic Pawn Stars facts that every TV lover must know about!

1. Hate Surprises


You might think that the Pawn Stars love to be surprised for what item is next on the agenda. No. These guys do not like to be surprised. During the production of each episode, they know every item that’s going to pass by them. It is mostly the producers that are heavily involved in choosing the right items for each episode. Even all of the spontaneous moments are calculated.