12 Fascinating Facts about the VR Headset


9. You Need a PhD to Get it Working

You Need a PhD to Get it Working

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Forget all about plug and play. VR and its gadgets are much more like plug and pray. The biggest challenge for VR users is definitely the almost infinite options to choose from. Ever heard about having too much freedom? Well, this is it! Users can set up their computer to configure Rift as a special device unto itself. Otherwise, they can set it up just like a second monitor, however users will find no real guidance as to whether to extend or duplicate their desktops. More often than not, this results in a static rotated view of the desktop wallpaper. We think that some of the traps in the Saw movies were actually less frustrating than this!

10. VR Can be Rather Disorienting

VR Can be Rather Disorienting

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And by this we don’t mean that it can get users psychologically confused about their reality. In this context we are using disorienting in the physical and somatic context. That’s right – we’re referring to motion sickness and the like, here. First-time users have reported problems related to motion sickness as well as headache. This is apparently due to their minds’ believing that they are physically moving around, while they are actually in a static, seated position. Noting that consumers’ physical discomfort may backfire on the product, developers are now working hard to reduce this problem as quickly as possible.

11. VR Dates Back to ’60s

VR Dates Back to '60s

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Most people think of VR as the latest technology – the stuff that the (original) Star Trek generation dreamt of. However, in actual fact, Virtual Reality is nothing new and has been around for ages. Just to put things into context, the world’s very first flight simulator was built way back in 1920 – that’s practically a century ago! While this flight simulator was not open to consumer use or purchase (as it was strictly reserved for technical use) it was the first human experience of VR nevertheless. Inspired to deliver a more personal movie-going experience to viewers, Morton Heilig started looking into developing an “Experience Theatre” that would deliver a full sensory experience. By 1962, he had successfully developed a prototype of this unique VR movie-viewing experience dubbed the Sensorama.

12. Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

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Before getting hooked into the VR world, it might do you well to heed to a few words of caution. It’s not just the VR games and gadgets which are expensive to buy, but in order to run this level of software, you need to invest in a high-powered PC – which is also a considerable expense. The experience of VR games can be so enthralling that it can be literally addictive and you can literally spend day and night going from one game to the next!

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