12 Fascinating Facts about the VR Headset


5. From 80’s to the 21st Century

From 80's to the 21stCentury

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Over the past few decades, significant developments have taken place in both software and hardware, resulting in enhanced quality. However, the technology behind VR remains essentially the same. Improvements have been made in the portability of the headsets, which has enhanced user experience. Most notably, the area where VR companies have exceeded expectations is the VR software, which is considerably superior from what it was in the past.

6. Luckey’s Genius + Effort = Success

Luckey’s Genius + Effort = Success

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Palmer Freeman Luckey started the VR revolution as an 18-year old tinkering with old and battered smartphones in his garage. Luckey managed to pull apart used and abused phones in order to fix them to make some extra cash. Along the way he stumbled upon the solutions to the problems whichhad exasperated virtual-reality engineers, until then. Slowly but surely he worked at his intuitive VR approach, until he successfully founded Oculus VR and developed the ground-breaking VR headset known as the Oculus Rift.

7. The Microsoft HoloLens Is Going to Let Scientists Walk Around Mars

The Microsoft HoloLens Is Going to Let Scientists Walk Around Mars

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Microsoft’s HoloLens (known secretly as Project Baraboo) are mixed reality head-mounted smart glasses. Software company JPL, together with Microsoft developed OnSight- a software tool which uses real rover data to create a 3-D simulation of Mars. This will enable scientists to work virtually on Mars using this wearable technology. Scientists will be able to plan and, using information from the Mars Curiosity rover, conduct science operations on the Red Planet. They will be able to virtually walk around and explore Mars, while sitting right at their desks!

8. Its Bloody Terrifying

Its Bloody Terrifying

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It’s easy to see why horror titles work so well on the Rift – the ultra-wide viewing angle combines with the 3D to create uncannily-realistic worlds. Even the most innocuous of demos – the Tuscan Villa (which comes with the Rift) has a weirdly spooky atmosphere – so much so, that you’re constantly on-edge, as though waiting for a (very sophisticated) monster to jump out at you. Then there’s Dreadhalls, the horror dungeon-crawler which has you looking over your shoulder in the dark, desperately trying to see what’s chasing you as you frantically try to unlock doors fast enough to escape the danger in the dark. Worse, still, are the Combine troops in Half-Life 2, which become much – but much – more intimidating when rendered in full 3D – a mere glance from one of these mooks would surely have Gordon Freeman reaching for his HEV’s waste materials evacuation port. Try one out yourself if you think you’re tough enough for the challenge!