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12 Facts You Should Know about Kim Kardashian


Wouldn’t it be cool to enjoy these same luxuries? Imagine having a charter jet at your disposal to travel around the world. Think about the connections you could make with people from all across the globe. Envision dining at world-renowned restaurants while meeting with your associates and business partners. Achieving this type of lifestyle might seem out of reach because you’re not famous, but truth is, being popular with the media has nothing to do it. In fact, the media portrays her life in a much different way than it really is. Here’s a look at 12 facts about Kim you probably don’t know because the media rarely reports them to the public.

1. She was Taught to Grow Up Fast

She was Taught to Grow Up Fast

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Yes, Kim hit the party at an incredibly young age, however, much of this can be attributed to her parents. After all, she learned to drive a vehicle at the ripe age of only 14 under the instruction from her father that if her sister ever got drunk, Kim had permission to drive her. So, this means if her sister was drunk, then Kim was there too, at a party, with no supervision, with drinking taking place. It’s no wonder she had to grow up so quickly. When you’re 14 and in a group of people who are all too intoxicated to drive, this makes growing up fast a necessity.

2. The Kim and Kris Marriage Myth Isn’t True

The Kim and Kris Marriage Myth Isn't True

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While media blasted content across every communication platform possible that the Kim and Kris Humphrey marriage lasted only 72 days, they were actually married for much longer. The true specifics of the failed marriage will likely never come to light, but then again why should they? The 72-day marriage myth, though, was fabricated.

3. The Sex Tapes Influenced Her Rise to Fame

The Sex Tapes Influenced Her Rise to Fame

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The Sex Tapes Influenced Kim Kardashian’s Rise to Fame


Almost everyone has heard of — and more than a few have seen (MILLIONS) — Kim’s sex tapes. The release of the tapes did in fact boost the awareness of who she was, putting her at a crossroad where she was left with an important decision to make — to live a life out of the public eye or to push through and use the tapes to her advantage. With a strong head on her shoulders, Kim reproduced her reputation and has since went on to establish numerous companies that have seen much success. The sex tapes may have been a part of life she now wishes would have stayed private, but when it comes to altering and growing a brand, she’s no doubt one of the best in the industry.

4. Has a Problem with Using People for Attention

Has a Problem with Using People for Attention

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Kim Kardashian Has a Problem with Using People for Attention


Kim loves attention. If she doesn’t find satisfaction in the attention she is receiving, she will create situations through which the attention can be gained. Way back in the day when she dated Nick Lachey, she would let the paparazzi know where they were going in an effort to get photographed. Did it work? Absolutely.

The Kim Kardashian and Kris Marriage Myth Isn’t True