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12 Strange Celebrity Flaws

Even though we like to think our favorite celebrities are as perfect at their on screen and red carpet personas, it’s fun to find a flaw or two. Celebrity disorders are more common than you think. That makes them as normal as you and me. Just think, their imperfections may have made them into the successful superstars they are today. It’s the challenges in life that make us into the work in progress we all are. Some of us just have more to deal with than others. And it can be comforting to know the rich and famous have to deal too. Here are 12 celebrities with strange physical disorders that didn’t stop them from achieving their Hollywood dreams.

1. Abraham Lincoln’s Abnormal Size Caused by Acromegalia Created A Historical Giant

Abraham Lincoln Acromegaly

courtesy of: twitter.com

Ok, he may not walk Hollywood’s red carpet but Abraham Lincoln paved the way for the free world as we know it today. And he made a heck of a good story line for a recent Oscar worthy movie named, “Lincoln.” He suffered from a rare disorder called “acromegalia” that causes an over abundance of growth hormones resulting in bigger than normal body parts. This can explain why he was so tall and his arms and legs were abnormally long. Honest Abe accomplished many things during his presidency and may have been thanks to his acromegialia that people still regard him as one of America’s greatest (certainly the tallest) presidents to reside in the White House. He sure looks good carved in stone on Mt. Rushmore and in Washington D.C. for all to see.

2. Andy Garcia’s Twin Separated At Birth

Andy Garcia Twin

courtesy of: wesharepics.info

Can you even imagine two gorgeous and talented Andy Garcia’s in this world today. Well, there may have been. It’s rumored that when he was born there was a “twin” attached to his shoulder (what! his shoulder!) Talk about being separated at birth! The mass was removed when Dandy Andy was just a toddler so he doesn’t have any memory of his twin bro. It’s a good thing he didn’t have to share the spotlight with his “mini me twin” in movies like The God Father, Ocean’s Eleven and When A Man Loves A Woman.

3.  Karolina Kurkova And Her Barely There Belly Button

Karolina Kurkova No Belly Button

courtesy of: omghype.com

Karolina Kurkova is a sumptuous blonde Victoria Secret model with a little secret of her own. She doesn’t have a belly button! Just how can a lingerie model strut her stuff in barely there lingerie be without a belly button? Karolina does and she does it well. Her barely there belly button is rumored to be from a hernia surgery she had as a small child, not a tummy tuck gone wrong. She just doesn’t have one or need one with that smokin‘ hot bod and a little help from Photo Shop! She might be starting a new trend on the catwalk, the button-less belly.

4. Harry Styles Numerous Nipples

Harry Styles Extra Nipples

courtesy of: atrl.net

As if this One Direction singing heart throb doesn’t get enough attention as it is! Now he is showing off his extra special four nipples right in plain sight on his sexy, fit chest. He states that the two extra nips were left behind by a twin that was with him for a short period of time. What evs, Harry, your nipple count only makes the tween crowd long “four” you more than ever…the four the merrier!