12 Amazing Facts about Donald Trump, The President of United States


Donald Trump has won the US elections and now he is the President of United States. He has been a fixture in business, media, and entertainment for years. Since he threw his hat in the presidential ring, however, the media coverage about him has been nearly non-stop. The Donald has lived a long and colorful life and there may still be some things people don’t know about him.┬áThe following are 2 amazing facts about Donald J. Trump.

1. Donald Trump has Filed for Bankruptcy Four Times


courtesy of: www.businessinsider.com

While Mr. Trump hasn’t personally filed for bankruptcy, his various businesses have on four separate occasions. Back before he was a presidential hopeful or even a reality television star, Trump was famous as a real estate tycoon. One of his specialties was building and operating incredible casinos and hotels. In 1991 the Trump Taj Mahal went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the Trump Plaza following the same path in 1992. They reorganized in 1995 into what was called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. This company, in turn, went into bankruptcy in 2004. It eventually came back renamed Trump Entertainment. In 2009, during the global recession, Trump went through Chapter 11 for a fourth time with Trump Entertainment filing for bankruptcy.